Big Brother PARCC is watching …

According to this report in the Washington Post, Pearson, the corporation profiting heavily from the rise in standardized testing, is now actively monitoring social media to make sure their tests questions do not go public.  If a breach is found, they have been “obligated” to notify authorities.

Understand:  Taxpayer money has been used to develop these tests.  Schools are forced to pay (with tax payer money) to purchase these tests … yet a public forum for critique is impossible because there is no way to actually see the content and have a discussion about the appropriateness of the tests (which is the crux of the intelligent arguments against the testing being done).  I fully understand that today is not the time for that as states continue to test, but why not two months form now?  AP test questions are routinely vetted afterwards, as are ACT questions.  But then again, not too many people have been picking up torches and pitchforks recently against the work of ETS.


So … good thing I held to my formally signed oath and didn’t actually post questions in my previous post.  That said, if Anonymous is looking for some new places to help the world …


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