Even when the Cub is doing good … they go bad …

August 15, 2016

The Cub is having a good season.  Some think they will go to the World Series .. . others wonder how it will go spectacularly wrong before it is over.  Working toward 108 years without a World Series win … who knows?

That said, the Cub, known for throwing away cakes, having men’s bathrooms that doubles as a kiddie porn set, having a mascot that … less said about the mascot, the better …


You may not believe it, but this was one of the less offending picture of Clark.


… then, when things couldn’t get better for the Cub (they are leading the Majors with a 73-43 record, and have shown no sign of slowing down after a recent ten game winning streak), they decide to go out and hire a new closing pitcher, Aroldis Chapman.

Aroldis has had some problems.  First off, he is Cuban, and after an aborted attempt to defect which cost him a place on Cuba’s national team, he did so successfully in 2008.  Pretty gutsy … except in 2012, he was accused of being an agent for the Cuban government after helping to turn in a fellow defector to Cuban authorities.  These charges were never proven in court.  In 2015, just as he was about to be traded to the Dodgers, it became known that his girlfriend was accusing him of choking her and firing gunshots at her.  He was never convicted, but because MLB has gotten tough on domestic violence, he was suspended 30 games, and this trade was rescinded.  Eventually, Chapman was traded to the New York A-rods Yankees where finished 2015 and started 2016.

A few weeks ago, the Cub obtained Chapman to help their pennant run.  The Cub promised the press that they had talked to Chapman, and that Chapman had assured the Cub that he would be a good citizen.  In his first news conference, Chapman denied this … meaning that the team who hired a wife beater was lying, or the wife beater was lying.  Kind of take you pick.

That takes us to last night, when Wrigley Field got classy.  On Sunday evening, as Chapman was leaving the field, the person in charge of music at the family-Friendly Confines decided that Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up” was a good song to play.  Remember, this is the team that actually likes Chapman!

The Wrigley DJ was dismissed today.  It is an amazing contrast.  Back after the 1997 season, the White Sox signed former All-Star Wil Cordero after he had been released by the Red Sox in the wake of domestic assault accusations.  The difference is that Sox fans never really embraced Cordero, and more than a few White Sox fans would yell “Batterer Up!” whenever he batted.

I can hope we can all agree …. North Side or South Side … that men who batter women don’t deserve to be respected as sports stars.  Maybe the Wrigley DJ was simply doing what the fans wanted, or maybe he was taking a principled stand that the Cub ownership hasn’t been willing to take.

So it goes without saying, but stay classy, Wrigley!