My first godfather-goddaughter day

Today I finally had my first outing with my goddaughter without her brother or anyone else … which was a big step for me.  The event was our school putting on their annual Spring Musical, which this year was The Little Mermaid.

The production was very cute, and definitely geared toward young kids.  While we didn’t attend, several of the actors did a “storytime” for the younger kids before the show (no word on if they read the actual “Little Mermaid” story where Ariel dies in the end …).  Some of the actors were on cables to do some swimming simulations  in the air.  Our school has a long, proud tradition of top shelf shows, and this certainly looks like it continued the tradition.

While certainly we could only talk before and after the show, my goddaughter seemed to like it. She occasionally sang along under her breath to the songs that she knew (and thanks to good friend Tom and his college roommate, I still have not forgotten the lyrics to some of these songs for some reason … because for reasons this soundtrack was one of the top things playing on the stereo whenever I came over for a visit).  When Ariel went airborne for the first time and was performing flips, it was cool to see her lean forward and get bug-eyed at what she was seeing.


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