Even I wouldn’t have gone here, Cincinnati

With the exception of White Sox fans and Cardinals fans, I think no team’s fans have a visceral hatred for the Cub than the Cincinnati Reds.  I’m not sure why.


It might have been the time that Cincinnati Reds broadcasting legend Marty Brennaman went scorched earth on the fans of the Cub.

It might have started back in 1984 when Ron Cey’s foul ball was called a three-run home run (and then it wasn’t … I’d say it was the one time Mario Soto almost killed an umpire, but that would be a lot of times).

It might have been the time Kyle Farnsworth tried to hit a bunting Paul Wilson (that was back in naught-three)…

It might have been the time Aroldis Chapman started throwing at some Cub in 2014 …

Heck, in 2008, the Reds’ farm team, the Dayton Dragons got into an actual fight with the Cubs’ farm team, the Peoria Chiefs … the game was stopped for over an hour, and some of the ejections had to be rescinded just to finish the game.  Had the fight lasted longer, Don King would have bought up the rights to broadcast it …

But the Reds went to new lows (or highs, depending on one’s perspective), by trolling some of the Cub fans who showed up in Cincinnati for Friday night’s game.






One Response to Even I wouldn’t have gone here, Cincinnati

  1. Alan P says:

    That Marty Brennaman clip gave me the biggest laugh. He’s my new hero!

    Wow, that Ron Cey play was when Don Zimmer was still just the third base coach! At about 6:30 Steve Stone and Harry Carey start to get into it about “judgment calls” – it was hilarious! Can’t believe that play review went 30 minutes. Do you know the outcome of that game?

    I can’t stand this recent Cubs team – especially Rizzo. He’s such an entitled, childish punk. I hope he matures.

    I would ABSOLUTELY do a Bandwagon Cam, especially for the Cubs!

    Have you heard the bit that Bill Burr did? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtdMTpj48mU

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