Farewell …

The movie Hook has a huge star-studded cast.  Quite a few of them had small parts like Phil Collins who was a police inspector and David Crosby, Jimmy Buffett, and even Glenn Close as pirates.  Very young Gwyneth Paltrow played young Wendy.  But two of the bigger stars were uncredited, and not really seen up close.


As Julia Robert’s Tinkerbell is carrying Robin William’s grown up Peter Pan to Neverland, they pass over a bridge, and some fairy dust falls on a pair of lovers engaged in a long embrace and kiss … and they begin to levitate off of the bridge.  They were played by a friend of Steven Spielberg and the film’s script doctor … the person called in to fix the problems with the script.

That was George Lucas and Carrie Fischer.

I had the chance a few years ago to catch Fischer’s Wishful Drinking show on HBO.  It is funny, and cathartic for someone who has gone through a lot … a lot of break up and drugs, and some mental health issues on top of that.  Rather than hide, she actually talked about it.  It is self-deprecating, a bit introspective, and pretty darn funny.

Here’s a clip focusing on her association with Star Wars, Lucas, the odd downsides of fame, and signing away the rights to her image at age 19 … She doesn’t hold back, and I suspect that part of this was as much for her personal well-being as it was simply funny to listen to.  My favorite quote:  “George Lucas, ruined my life … I mean that in the nicest possible way.”



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