Finally … Illinois is broken for all the best reasons

I have made it clear I am not a fan of the national standards that have been widely adopted (and almost as quickly abandoned) across the country, whether they be common core or NGSS, which is the science equivalent or common core.  I’m no right wing anti government nut.  They may be well intentioned, but they are a horrible mess from a student development standpoint.

Illinois required that our students be tested in science, and we have been at least mildly curious about the results.  We found out why we haven’t heard about them today.

Today we received an invitation to be hired to grade the tests.  Keep in mind, these tests were administered in early April, and have hypothetically been sitting in a warehouse down in Carbondale or Springfield, but at no time did anyone plan for the tests to be graded.  At this point, assuming they get enough people hired to do this, the scores for the 2016 test will be available a few months after we give the 2017 test.

Another reason to bypass standardized test scores.  In addition to just not giving much valuable information about student growth because the tests are based on a faulty set of standards, it has now become a major headache to get these results back to schools to “use” them to improve instruction … that, or maybe the people at the top realize that the results really aren’t that important, and its no big deal that the tests haven’t been graded.


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