Certainty …

I am going to bed in a few minutes after grading quizzes … and I have a strong sense that I have a better chance of getting a date before 10 am tomorrow morning than there is a chance that the sun will rise.

If the sun comes up … it may be a miracle.  The present weather conditions in Hell:  Absolute Zero.  Frozen over many times over.  This may lead to the zombie apocalypse since Hell is no longer receiving the souls of the damned.  It is snowed in.

To the peoples of Cleveland, I am sorry.  Your team blew it, but being from Cleveland, you are used to this.  Feel better for yourself by casting a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump, who has received well over US$1 million in support from the Ricketts Family who owns the Cub.  Get your revenge by voting for Clinton or even for Andrew Basiago.  This will make you feel better.  Remember:  a vote against Trump is a vote against the Cub.

I now feel that I have done something constructive with the day, and I can sleep in peace.


One Response to Certainty …

  1. Beth says:

    See, I TOLD you you’d survive a Cubs World series win…

    If you get a chance to see RJ or John Cosgrove before you see me, please ask one of them to share my facebook video (from my sister) of my Dad and family celebrating the win. Perspective is a good thing.

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