This would be the bear cub on a unicycle in the three ring GOP circus

Normally, if Donald Trump is calling you out, you can be assured that you are likely doing something right.  However, the enemy of logic is not necessarily your friend.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Donald Trump is upset with the Chicago Cubs because the owners have been donating to a PAC that opposes Trump.

Now, opposing Donald Trump is hard to argue against.  The man has no workable plans and I am not entirely convinced that he isn’t some Democrat plant to throw the election.

But let us look deeper at the Cubs structure and who the Cubs are supporting (or more to the point, when you buy a ticket and beer, where is part of that money going?

The principal ownership of the Cubs is the Rickets Family, headed by T.D. Ameritrade founder Joe Rickets and his wife Marlene, both residents of Nebraska where there one son, Pete Rickets, is conveniently governor.  Their other son, Tom Rickets, is currently the Chairman of the Board for the Cubs.

Marlene has been the big political contributor.  Whom does she give her millions to?

  • In January, $3 million to Our Principles, a PAC opposed to Donald Trump.
  • Marlene Rickets was one of the first national donors to support Scott Walker, which included a $5 million donation to one of his Super PACs.
  • $10,000 each to PACs for Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, and Lindsy Graham.
  • Many of the Rickets are huge supporters of Governor of the Hour Bruce Rauner.
  • On the plus side, the Rickets were preparing to donate money to a media campaign to link Barack Obama to controversial preacher Jeremiah Wright, though that effort was aborted, perhaps because Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was in the midst of negotiating with the Cubs over tax breaks and land use, and was not happy to see his former boss under lame attacks.


So in conclusion, if you do buy Cubs swag and Cubs tickets and Cubs beer and tickets to have Clark rub against your kids, remember that you are supporting a family that is taking their profits and funneling some of that money to right wing crackpots which may only be slightly better than the worst right wing crackpots.



One Response to This would be the bear cub on a unicycle in the three ring GOP circus

  1. Unfortunately You can’t support ANY major league sports team without the money lining some fascist crackpot’s pocket. It’s a major turn-off and one of the reasons I’ve lost interest in sports as I’ve gotten older.

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