White Sox Township

The New York Times published a map of the United States, highlighting in great detail where baseball loyalty lies.


Here you can see the great nations:  RedSoxNation, YankeeNation, Giants Nation, RangersNation, BravesNation, TigerNation, and CardinalNation.  CubNation is there … not quite as geographically large as some Northsiders would suspect.

Alas, where is WhiteSoxTownship?


Ah ... there it is!

If we zoom in even further, we can see that Cook county is not as overwhelming Cub as you would think (40%-38%).


The map is pretty neat, it goes down to zip codes, and that got me thinking:  Where is the soul of White Sox fandom?  Where do Sox fans outnumber the Cub more than any other place?  It turns out there is a place where 59% of folks are White Sox fans … the most White Soxy zip code in the world:


It turns out the heart of White Sox fandom is none other than Alsip, IL.

So I have that going for me.


One Response to White Sox Township

  1. Alan P says:

    Ah, man! Oak Forest, Midlothian, Crestwood, Palos just one point behind!

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