Thank you John Oliver!

For those of you who don’t have HBO, you may not be familiar with the relatively new Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  It is another in the list of shows like Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report that put a comedic spin on the news while doing a better than average job of actually reporting the news.

Recently, Oliver did a piece on standardized testing.  To be clear, I am always very cautious about one source providing a slant or providing the data.  However, if you are interested in what appears to be a generally factual piece about standardized testing … and some good humor at the same time … here is a decent explanation of the clusterfuck that is modern educational law.  It also demonstrates why most teachers may respect President Obama for what eh has accomplished as our first African-American president, but generally see him as a betrayer, and he will be not missed when he leaves office.  Some language definitely NSFW.

For the record:  the introductory videos made by some schools trying to get their kids enthusiastic for the tests, IMO, are about the lowest I have ever felt about American education.  The faculty that came up with those ideas need to get run out of town on a rail … hopefully one still part of an active railroad system.


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