It has been a cold, long winter …

… I walk past our courtyard every day at school, and I took the time to measure an unshoveled, layered snowpack that was 42.5 inches tall.  I have seen cold winters in Chicago and snowy winters, but even my memories of 1979 pale in comparison to the relentless combination of cold and snow this year.

But … today, the word came down from on high that winter is banished … it is through.  Its hold must now only diminish to the rains and returning warmth that the horizon holds.  The announcement came down for Persephone to pack her bags and ready for a quick departure from Hades.  Today, from Glendale, Arizona, the words we have waited for echoed through the canyons. off of the might granite peaks, and across the snow swept plains:



Pitchers and catchers, report!

Winter, thy days are truly numbered!


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