Old technology wasn’t that long ago …



I came across this article about Delta Airlines getting ready to retire its last DC-9 aircraft.  The article notes that the DC-9 was produced from 1965 to 1982 (I hope this last one was from 1982).  Interestingly, the DC-10 was finally put out to final pasture just last month in Bangladesh (though a few are apparently still used in freight service).


What I found really interesting was that the DC-9, when it was originally put into the Delta fleet in 1965, was primarily replacing turboprop passenger planes.


I find it almost inconceivable that in 2013 (I’m not counting the lat flight in 2014), you could jump on a regularly scheduled flight and be flying in a model that was replacing prop jobs.

It just goes to show you that in an era where phones are far closer to 1960s science fiction than to anything Alexander Graham Bell could have imagined … that in the era where we are saying our final goodbyes to photographic film and incandescent light bulbs, the first generation of commercial flight isn’t so distant.


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