Big hurdle cleared …

Today I took the day off of work to attend the closing on the sale of mom’s house.  This has been a major source of stress and concern for the pat almost four months, and I am very glad to finally see it done.

Everything went smoothly.  The buyers seemed very happy to have the go-ahead to move in.

The last things were moved out over the weekend.  Before Pepper and I left, I nailed a small metal plaque into one of the wooden beams in the basement.  I had engraved my parents’ names and the years they lived there on it.  So, they will always be a part of the house.

On a darkly comic note:

When we began the process of cleaning out the house in May, my sister proclaimed that we were bound to find empty cans or bottles that my father had attempted to hide while he was heavily drinking.  Surprisingly, we found none.  On Sunday, one of the last things I took out of the house was a plastic plant that was way up on top of my dad’s office furniture.  sure enough, behind it, we found a completely empty bottle of cheap wine.  Just as my sister predicted, we had found the last hidden evidence of dad’s drinking.

On the one hand, that house likely had far fewer good memories than bad ones for the family.  However, I know that home ownership was very important to mom and dad.  All and all, we sold the house for about $28,000 more than what they paid for it 15 years ago, so it is hardly a loss on our part.

In preparation for today, I found a pen and pencil set that had been given to my dad with his name engraved onto the pen and pencil.  I used that pen to sign all of the documents today.


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