Another update …

I have spent the afternoon and now into the evening with mom.  She has had difficulty getting sleep, and the strain of the extra breathing is making her tired.


They have her on a device that gives oxygen at higher pressure.  This device has brought down her respiration and heart rate, but even with this, her blood oxygen level is still low, and today it was lower than yesterday.  She can still talk, but it is difficult to understand her with the oxygen mask on, and the more she talks, the lower her oxygen blood saturation gets.

Her boss, a doctor, and his wife came for a visit this evening.  It was very  nice of him.  We also had a harpist.  As part of the hospital’s ministry department, they have musicians who will come in and play music that, depending on what is going on, aids with recovery, focus, healing, breathing, and relaxation.  It was quite nice to have a live, soothing performance like that.

My aunt and uncle from Denver are coming in tomorrow.

For now, we are all in a wait-and-see mode.


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