Dreams and Politics

I stumbled upon this, and found it interesting:

A study conducted a few years back found an interesting correlation between your politics and your dreams.  If you tend to vote Republican, you tend to describe a lot more of your dreams as nightmares than if you vote Democrat.

That is kind of interesting.

Another study (albeit a small scale one) looked at graduate students, and noted that those who were objectively tested to be more conservative tended to report a larger percent of their dreams as being negative.

Also interesting.

The first story offers some potential interpretations:

1.  Negative dreams/nightmares can be interpreted as meaning that an individual is better in tune with real world problems and horrors.  While others look away from the worst things in life, folks who suffer nightmares may have a better time seeing these problems and being aware of them.  Thus, political conservatives may have a tendency to be aware of problems that others don’t perceive as problems.  Thus, nightmares are an unfortunate symptom of being conservative.  You see dangers, and these dangers show up in the subconscious.

2.  Nightmares may have little to do with the real world, other than to alter your perception of it … that is, it might make a person see dangers that aren’t really there (what you might call a degree of paranoia).  So, it is also possible that people are driven to conservatism because they have these nightmares, and perceive the world as a dangerous place in need of far more protection with guns, armies, etc.

What I am interested in:  there are people who change party affiliation later in life, and I wonder if this change in affiliation occurs at a time in their life that their dream pattern changes …. and which changes first?

So if a kid has nightmares, do they tend more toward an absolute view of the world, while kids who don’t suffer from nightmares may have a more open view of the world … though is it the dream that pushes the world view, or the world view that pushes the direction of dreams?  I also wonder if this has anything to do with some incidences of depression, especially in childhood (a kid who tends to have bad dreams, especially at an age when determining the boundary from reality and fantasy is tough, could certainly get depressed).


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