Chicago Northsiders: Something to cheer about

Things that have happened since the Cubs were last in a World Series

Put a man in space

Put a man on the moon

the entire Korean War

the entire Vietnam War

Two wars with Iraq, and one in Afghanistan

The Sears Tower is planned

The Sears Tower is built

Mare Daley dies

a woman gets elected mare of Chicago

an African-American is elected mare of Chicago

Soviet Union collapses

Mare Daley’s son gets elected mare

Mare Daley’s son retires after serving the second longest term of mare in Chicago history

an African-American (from Chicago) is elected president

an African-American is re-elected president

Chicago gets an NBA team

the Chicago Bulls win six NBA championships

da Bers win a Super Bowl

Da Haaks win Lord Stanley’s Cup …. twice

White Sox go to a World Series

White Sox win a World Series

Northwestern wins a bowl game

Northwestern wins a second bowl game

Mayan apocalypse

Congratulations to the Northwestern Wildcats … the first team from the north side of Chicago to win something significant in sports above the high school level since … 1949.


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