The solution to everything (not a GUT)

Teachers certainly don’t exist in shooting galleries, and while psychotics are always branching out, schools still do seem to rank up there among the targets of choice.  Why?  I dunno.

Since Newtown, there has been some talk of arming teachers, because if there is anything the conservatives hate more than an overpaid lazy public servant, its one that isn’t armed (small joke).

But seriously.  There have been some isolated instances of towns and schools coming forward and authorizing armed teachers … not security guards or police liaisons … actual armed teachers in the classroom.

Let me explain why this is not a good idea.  In truth:  I grew up around guns.  Dad even had an AR-15.  They are cool to have around, and I have fired pistols and rifles before.  I have no problem with responsible folks owning guns for collecting, hunting, or self-defense.

If the teacher obeys their training, this means that the gun needs to be stored in a lock box, which only they have the key for.  This creates a problem if the sub is in the room the day it is needed, or if the teacher is in the teachers lounge, or like in my school, teachers routinely don’t teach in the same room all day.  Not to mention, if a gunman enters your room, there isn’t much time to get the gun out before it is too late.  The position among supporters is that one classroom might end up killed, but the other teachers would get ot their guns, and while attempting to use a gun in a highly tense situation, likely surrounded by kids, the teachers with a basic handgun safety class are going to win the day.  In seriousness, they might.

In reality, I doubt that this will end well.  The more responsible thing to do would be to hire on a police officer to spend some time around the school.  Of course, this costs money, and it would be cheaper for the overpaid teacher to buy their own gun … that and it takes responsibility away from the school if something flubs up.  I know that teachers’ cabinets are extremely easy to break into.  Now we are putting a gun more easily in range of a kid who likely will know where it is.  Kids are not idiots.  Some can pick locks, and some teachers leave doors unlocked on occasion.  This is attempting to solve a problem by inadvertently creating new ones.

I just don’t see the plusses outweighing the potential minuses.


One Response to The solution to everything (not a GUT)

  1. R.J.D.S. says:

    Well said. Somehow I knew you’d put this into a good perspective.

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