Are we seeing the last stand of the Republican Party?

As I’ve said before … I am apolitical.  I am not a fan of either major political party because frankly they do little to support the things that I consider important.  The loss of either political party would not be a major loss in my eyes (except maybe as a stabilizer to the other).

that said, I wonder if we are seeing the last stand of the Republican Party starting to take shape.

Don’t get me wrong  … the Republicans won’t be closing up shop in the coming ten years .. likely not even 20.  However, there are clear shifts in the American population that are taking place that do not favor the Republican Party being able to mount major national campaigns, and could see the Republicans becoming a regional power, downgraded from a national party.

The first change is demographics.  Republicans tend to be overwhelmingly white and older.  While old people are still going to be around in droves for a while, The United States is becoming less white.  The largest increase in the population is from south of the border and from across the Pacific.  The far right wing of American politics has actively been against more of these people coming into the country, and with these people allying themselves with the GOP, it is hard to attract new immigrants.

What prompted me to write this was a new report that just came out: The Pew Research Center has published a report on the religious mindset of the US, and this may be even more importantly dour for the Republicans:  The U.S. is getting less and less religious.  More than half the country still identifies with being religious, but at 58%, that number is much lower than in the past.  It should also be noted that 2012 marks the first time in American history that less than one-half of the nation identifies as being “Protestant”.  Given that Catholics have tended historically (though this has shifted a little) to vote Democrat, this seems to be a trend that, if it continues, is not good news for a Republican Party which is against changing its platform.

As the baby boomers start entering their 70s and start dying off, the Republican Party is going to be forced, I suspect, with the age old axiom that faces any organization:  change or die.  My guess is that unless the Republicans brush off the more extreme membership, it will be forced to stay a course that has an outcome that will see the party cease to have a strong national presence.

I suspect that the GOP leadership has been reading these tea leaves, and that they must be concerned about these changes in the nation’s population.  Yet, I see them taking very little action that seems to support those who will be the future of the nation.


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