captured for posterity …

Everyone who has read or seen Jurassic Park knows that you can find all kinds of neat things in amber of you only look hard enough through enough amber (the book makes it clear that the US government has in fact taken an interest in John Hammond because he has bought up access to a large percentage of the world’s amber supply).

But every so often you get that rarest of rare moments captured for eternity …

You can probably tell that this is a spider and a wasp.  The wasp became ensnared in the web (some of the individual strands of silk are still encased in the amber).  Locked in mortal combat as they became encased in sap, the pair was then discovered a hundred million years later, still stuck in their dance to the death.  The article notes that while these two species are extinct, the wasp is a parasitoid which has descendants which attack spiders.

IMO, really quite cool!

According to the accompanying article,


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