The Cubs turn their back on one of their own

The movie Field of Dreams was the story of a farmer who as in pain, and through acts of penance was able to ease his pain by getting a chance to visit with his dead father once again and reconcile with him.  It really isn’t a baseball movie,even though it contains one of the most beautiful soliloquy’s ever written about the game.

One of the acts of penance that Ray Kinsella performs is giving a man, Archie “Moonlight” Graham,  who had been to the Majors, and never come to bat, a chance to have that one at-bat … that one opportunity to dig his spikes into the dirt and stare down a pitcher, moments before he lets loose a whistling baseball toward him … and then hit or miss.  The man gets his opportunities to play with the ghosts, and then willingly gives up that life of restored youth and fun to return to his life as an aged doctor to save a little girl’s life.

Why bring this up.  Adam Greenberg is no ghost, and unlike Archie Graham, he did get his chance to stand at the plate in the Major Leagues.  However, his one at-bat for the Chicago Cubs resulted in a concussion as he was hit by the pitch.  It was the first, and only pitch that he ever saw in the Majors.  After rehabilitation, he was not called up by any teams.  All he wanted, like Graham, was the chance to see one good pitch.

Matt Liston, a filmmaker and Cubs fan, made a short film about Greenberg and his quest for just on at-bat.  He collected signatures, and petitioned the Cubs to let him have that one opportunity.  The Cubs, always the PR juggernaut, said no.

We’re a professional team trying to win the pennant,
we have no time for niceties!

Since the Cubs were too busy in September trying to avoid losing 100 games, they couldn’t afford to do anything so ludicrous as be nice to a player who nearly died in the cause of Cub Nation.

Enter this man’s team:

Who would have guessed there were so many sensitive Cubans
in Miami?

The Miami Marlins have swooped in to the rescue!  Seven years after a Marlins pitcher hit him, he will don Marlin orange, teal, and black to get his one at-bat, doing so against the Mets in Miami this Tuesday.

Congratulations to the Marlins and Adam Greenberg who will finally get to live this dream.


One Response to The Cubs turn their back on one of their own

  1. Beth says:

    Yeah, who woulda thought that the Marlins would have to be the class act here? I thought the Cubs’ actions (or lack of action) were extremely shitty, especially given that they were nowhere near doing anything else useful this season…

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