Psychic phenomena, apocalyptic fiction, and lovable losers

I haven’t seen it, but a new TV series entitled Revolution premiered this week.  It tells some kind of story about teenagers journeying through a world where electricity has been gone for several years, and one of them may have the key to turning it back on.  Of course, they go to Chicago because industry + intellectualism + conspiracies + roving gangs = Chicago (much like: fashion industry + bad manners + muggings = New York or rain + rain + rain = Seattle).

The problem with film or television set “in the future” is that you have to make certain predictions about events between now and then.  Like with psychics, sometimes you guess right (or accidentally inspire things to become right)

cell phone / Captain Kirk babe calling device

One of the more chilling examples was an episode of the short lived The X-Files spinoff, The Lone Gunmen, which saw a storyline about a plot to hijack airplanes and fly them into the World Trade Center … an episode that aired in March, 2001.    The writers were hardly psychic!  Even Tom Clancy had a book that ended with a fanatic plowing a commercial jet into the Capital Building, wiping out the government except for the President.

Sometimes you guess wrong … 2010, the sequel to 2001 foresaw a  joint mission by the US and USSR to Jupiter in 2010, which was wrong on many levels.  They also saw Pan Am as a major space carrier, which is also not something that could have happened.

This is not much different than what psychics do.  They guess a whole mess of things, and then harp on the things they guess right, and their followers conveniently forget the 50% of the stuff they got wrong.

Back to Revolution.  If you caught the commercials for the series, you noticed this scene:

The ivy is growing in very well this year!

BUT … this is the scene from the show and the recent promos.  If you go back to the spring and see the early promos, the scene has one small detail added:

In some parallel universe, this happ … who are we kidding,
this never happens!

In the original Revolution universe the Cubs won the 2012 World Series.  However as the summer rolled on and the Cubs put on their rendition of Titanic (complete with some scrambling to leave while a few souls hung around watching the destruction and waiting for the inevitable), the good folks at NBC decided that this as not going to happen, and airbrushed out the announcement that Saint Theo Epstein, patron saint of teams who can’t win, had again worked some miracle.

So in the newly realized universe of Revolution, taking place in the year 2027 or later, the Cubs have still never won a World Series.

Meanwhile, the remains of U.S. Cellular Field have collapsed under the weight of many trophies (in my mind, it could happen).

Just my way of saying Happy 104th to the citizens of CubNation.


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