A Modest Proposal …

I don’t buy into the demonization of “enemy” nations.  North Korea’s people are victims of a government that is essentially mafiaesque. Cuba’s citizens saw enough of corruption and vice, and traded in an escape from that for totalitarianism.  Iran essentially did the same thing (replace “Batista” with “Pahlavi”).  It is Iran which has decided to strike a blow for modern civil rights.

According to this story, a few days ago, 36 of Iran’s universities have barred women from registering for 77 particular college majors which are suddenly “unfit for women”;  this at a time when women were starting to gain admission to universities in greater number than men.  What majors are women suddenly barred from:

English literature, English translation, hotel management, archaeology, engineering, science, and business management.  Oil Industry University declined to bar women from those majors, instead choosing to ban women altogether.

It seems, according UNESCO, that Iran actually had the highest female : male ratio of undergraduates in this quadrant of the galaxy, and that this move is simply a means to level the playing field for men who are apparently getting screwed by the gynocentric policies of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ali Khamenei.

Before women start complaining (and you know they will … you just know they will!) it should be noted that in this sweeping move to improve the standing of men in a female dominated society, the same university directive also banned men from entering the field of nursing.  With that said, I think we should embrace the policies of Iran’s new enlightenment.


One Response to A Modest Proposal …

  1. Beth says:

    Apparently the people with all the money to buy the oil, or control the market/potential profits, are men who believe women shouldn’t be able to go to college. That sucks, but really, unfortunately, nothing new. Someone ought to spread the rumor that uneducated women are unable (or at least “far less likely” to bear sons) maybe that will work…

    …and yes, I’m a woman. Damn straight I’m complaining!

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