Trivia Payoff

Across my few pub trivia competitions that I partake in over the summer, my teams have combined for a couple of hundred dollars.  Not bad, and pretty fun!

Last week I got called in to take the place on another team that competed down in Wheaton, which I found odd because I didn’t think there were any bars within 25 miles of the Wheaton city limits (Wheaton claims to have the most churches, per capita, of any town in the United States).  This is not a claim made without merit.  But I digress.

It was a two evening gig.  Thursday was the warmup evening;  the last night of their league.  Friday was the championship where the top teams from several bars get together and compete for a championship.  Thursday was held at an Irish pub, but Friday was held in a bowling alley (as a few teammates pointed out:  we finally get to bowl while doing scholastic bowl).  In fact, bowling was free all night, and for a $10 entry fee, you got a $10 gift card to come back to the bowling alley.

I chose to not bowl and stay focused on the game (quite a few teams were drinking heavily, and bowling, occasionally listening to questions.  Our team stayed pretty focused.  At the half, we were in sixth place, and knew we had to do some significant catching up.

Needless to say, we had a great second half, with everyone contributing, and we pulled out a one point win (we ended up with 157 points, so one point was a narrow victory).

For our troubles, we each got 2 days, 3 nights hotel, and half-price round trip air fair off of a list of 20 some odd destinations.  Sadly, Seattle, Cleveland, and the Bay Area are not on the list, but Vegas and Honolulu are.  Vegas is always a fun place, but I have never been to the islands … so I am thinking I may be finally getting some really fresh pineapple some time after my administrative certificate is done.


2 Responses to Trivia Payoff

  1. R.J.D.S. says:

    Awesome, Tom! Congrats and Enjoy the reward, whenever that will happen. Just brush up on those movie trivia skills for what could be our last go-around, 8/28…

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