Never noticed that before …

Maybe in my old age I just don’t notice things as quickly as I used to.  Today when I waltzed over to peruse the blog, I noticed a car ad on my blog.  I guess you just get so used to them that it was a whole 30 second before I realized: “I’m a corporate shill for a car company.”  I love the Sox, but I have my standards.  It was time to get a new theme.

Unfortunately, my old theme of “Kubrick” was gone, and the closest thing that they had was “Contempt” … which makes me think that any one of several former actors who worked with the esteemed director are now working at WordPress designing names for their themes.

Rest assured, loyal readers, there will still be a decided pro-White Sox /anti-Cubs editorial board here.


2 Responses to Never noticed that before …

  1. Beth says:

    You KNOW that if I had any hacking talent I would be placing a big, beautiful, red C in one of those blue banner corners…

  2. Beth says:

    Maybe we can split the difference and make the orange Bears’ C once football season starts?

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