Thank goodness that’s over

This morning I sat for my principal’s license test.  All things considered (as in I only had half of the classes done that the test covered), I think I did OK.  The legal and budgetary questions I likely did not do well on because I haven’t had the law or budget class yet.

While on the one hand, the test was fairly common sense, it also was not quite so simple.  Unlike most multiple choice tests where there  is clearly only one correct answer, this test often times had four very good answers, and you had to either read the question really carefully (and hope you aren’t over interpreting it), or had to be able to recall a lot of theoretical basis to apply to the situation (probably 80% of the questions were >>here’s a situation<<, what do you do first (emphasis on the >>first<<).

I get my results on August 3.  Today, I am rewarding myself by going to 35th and Shields to see the Sox continue their winning ways.


One Response to Thank goodness that’s over

  1. Beth says:

    I seem to remember there being a lot of those type of “what would you do FIRST” questions on my special ed. teachers’ certification test as well…
    I’m sure you did fine-congrats on getting it done!

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