Biology 101: The Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution

Since I cannot confirm this, I will open by saying this had better be some sick joke.

Eternity Christian Academy, a Christian fundamentalist school in Louisiana, has adopted a textbook for “accelerated Christian education in biology” that attempts to argue two important points about biology that most of us have not learned:

1.  The existence of the Loch Ness Monster is an accepted fact since there have been eyewitness accounts, pictures, and a sonar contact.  Note:  there is no established evidence that this thing is real, and there are quite a few people who have admitted fabricating stories and pictures.

2.  The established existence of the Loch Ness Monster establishes that dinosaurs exist today, and that means evolution is false.

So, who cares!  This is a private school which receives to tax payer money … if people want to go there and learn these things, that is their business.

Except … Louisiana allows for public school vouchers.  So, any students who want to get out of their public schools can opt to go here on the tax payers’ dime.  That means that this curriculum is in fact being funded by tax payers.

I have argued earlier why allowing government more power in education is a phenomenal mistake.  Here, you have the opposite, government writing the check and walking away entirely, throwing the kids into a situation that can be damaging to their overall education.

When people hear about the ideas of charter schools, they tend to get really excited:  they think all public schools are vile (even though mist could not cite a single bit of meaningful evidence that their local school is poor), and the thought of sending kids to a school where the kids wear uniforms and sit up straight, and get kicked out for the slightest infraction (just like when they were kids and school were better), and teachers making less money to save the tax payers, and teachers finally teaching what the public wants instead of everything having some twisted political agenda … it all sounds good.

What they don’t sometimes realize is that many of the charter school companies are fundamentalist Christian.  That is not absolutely true, but especially in the South, these companies and local churches are getting on a role as more and more states allow parents to cheaply pull a kid out of the public school to get (I will say it) an often inferior education, fully paid by the tax payers, and without one iota of accountability.  It is a right wing extremist’s wet dream!

I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush.  I have spoken to teachers in Florida that have described this starting to happen.  It totally stems from an extremist fundamentalist agenda to close (as they see it) liberal indoctrination centers that present material (quoting the principal from Eternity Christian Academy) “that confuses students”.

As an educator, it is dead wrong.  It is ethically wrong, and unfortunately in a highly charged political environment, few people are willing to listen to reason.  As bad as things are in Illinois, I am glad we have not started walking this path yet.


3 Responses to Biology 101: The Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution

  1. Beth says:

    You mean the path of our charter schools being run by religious zealots who teach Creationism as science, right. We most certainly already have a push for charter schools run by for-profit companies…Just yikes.

    • teganx7 says:

      You have earned 10 points for an excellent “The Big Bang Theory” reference.

      Besides … what’s to say that Christian schools can’t be for profit? As long as they are not actually affiliated with a particular church, they can go get all the money they want! Recall that President Obama’s recent problems with hospitals: he exempted actual religious institutions (like he can’t actually force the Catholic Church to provide insurance coverage for contraception and abortions), but if you are a private hospital that affiliates as Catholic, you will have to. So I can be a private charter school company (SB Charters, Inc), be totally for profit, and advertise that my schools are going to follow the curriculum endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention or any other religious group.

      Keep in mind: there is not going to be a ton of profit to be had in charter schools (they had already started closing a few in Chicago) … so any organization coming in has to have a borderline non-profit mentality. Also, if your agenda is “make money”, running a charter school is not going to be weaving your company a ton of money (let’s face it, anyone who knows the real deal knows that charter schools for the most part never improve the level of education, never get a lot of support once they are going … but religious schools can get all of that (plus having fund raisers is a lot easier).

  2. Beth says:

    Sheldon: “No, I live in Texas now. I’ll get a job in a local HS teaching evolution to creationists”
    Mrs. Cooper: “Now you just watch your mouth…no one person’s opinion is any more valid than another’s.”
    Sheldon: “But, evolution isn’t an opinion it’s SCIENCE (fact)”
    Mrs. Cooper: “Yes and that is your opinion”

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