As American as baseball and hot dogs ….

Texas is about as unrepresentative of the United States as New York, California, Florida, Hawai’i, Kansas, or …. actually no state is pretty much representative of the United States … but Texas might be more out there than any of them.

The Texas Rangers, after decades of being a pretty bad ball team are riding high after winning back-to-back American League pennants.  They are now an established power.

To wit:  the fans of a state normally unaware that anything aside from NASCAR occurs between the end and beginning of football season are starting to flock to see their beloved Rangers.  And to fee those fans, Noaln Ryan’s team is offering Texas sized food.  Last year, they offered jumbo pretzels weighing in at 3 lbs!  This year, the $26 hot dog, showing here:

($26 hot dog;  also shown:  a baseball bat and yard stick)

This thing could feed a family of four, and that doesn’t even include the disgusting jalapeños and octopus tentacles they have on that thing.  I suppose next year they will be rolling out the 1 gallon cups of beer.


One Response to As American as baseball and hot dogs ….

  1. RJDS says:

    1-gallon cups of beer? Don’t give the Texas folk any more bad ideas….oh and that hot dog is a heart attack just waiting to happen! LoL!!

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