Something rolled my way …

… the past two months, I and a colleague from work have been going to a local grill/pub one night a month for pub trivia sponsored by the local library.  It has been a different kind of experience … we have been friends for over ten years.  She is married … really great husband, and three phenomenal kids.  The odd thing is, I don’t think she is much of a trivia nut.  I have wondered if she is doing this to get me out of the house once a month.  It is an odd sort of relationship … I’m not sure that we have much in common, but we share a good conversation, and every so often I get together with her family and get to hang with three very nicely brought up kids.  But I digress …

Last month we showed up late, missed the first round, and managed to mount a comeback and win in the final round.  This week we showed up on time, but we fell behind early on some questions neither of us had a clue on.  Since I know next to no pop music, Sara is very helpful with that.  She is also fairly well read, and knows a lot of pop and non-fiction works of lit that I have never read.  One question asked for John Steinbeck’s last novel, and I was really stuck … she managed to shoot off a list of his works, a few I wasn’s so familiar with.

In pub trivia, it is a bit of a tradition that the team that finishes in last place pick one of the categories for the next month’s tournament. Thus when round 4 came around, we had the last place team’s choice round.  This is usually not a good thing, because it is usually something like “Ukelele tunes of the ’60s”, or “supporting characters from ‘Sex in the City”, Season 2.

This week, it was “1970s Sci-Fi”.  I turned to her, and she just got a nice smile on her face.  No problem, check is in the mail and the dishes are done.   The propelled us back into the top 3, and again in the final round, we squeaked out a win.


One Response to Something rolled my way …

  1. RJDS says:

    Like taking candy from a baby….unless you are Mr. Burns.

    On a side note, Ewan McGregor recently won me a free iPhone download, an app that will tell me about This Day in Movie History.

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