Shameless Plug: Is This Really Your Book?

I would guess that my sense of humor is a bit surreal, and that extends to more than a few of my friends.  Fortunately for me, one of the colleagues whom I work the closest with has a similar sense of humor:  dry and very understated.

He and one of our former colleagues wrote (constructed?) a book two years ago called “Is This Really Your Book?”.  It is a spiral bound book where each page is a book cover, such that when you leave it out, it looks like a completely different book.  Some of the titles include:

  • The Pyramid Scheme: How to use Friends to Build Your Empire
  • How to Learn Everything There is to Know About Your Neighbor


The idea is you open the book to an appropriate humorous title and leave it around for friends, family, the in-laws, etc. to find and react to.

A certain level of buzz has gotten out on this.  Over the summer of 2010, they got interviewed on local radio in Michigan (note:  neither is from there).  They also did a book signing in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  That isn’t bad!

My colleague is very modest, so we didn’t learn about these things until today, and we only found out about it because we all found out from other sources that their book is going to be featured on the Today Show this morning.  That’s no small deal.

I figure a few of the usual readers will appreciate the humor involved.  I find it to be enormously funny, and well worth a look.


One Response to Shameless Plug: Is This Really Your Book?

  1. Beth says:

    I hope one of the mock titles is “Wow, I LOVE this book!”
    I, too, find it funny.

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