Happy 70th Stephen Hawking … and it is time to start colonizing


Stephen Hawking celebrated his 70th birthday this past week.  It is certainly amazing that he lived to not only see his 70th birthday, but that in the years that saw his body taken from him, he still managed to make some pretty big contributions to some branches of physics that it is hard to grasp when you can draw and write.

This is a very brief point that he brings up … the human race will eventually die out … that is an absolute undeniable fact, unless we manage to begin spreading out further from here.  Our sun and planet have a finite life time, and unless we are well on our way to the stars when that time comes, our species will not only die, but there will be no grave marker left behind for anyone else out there to remember us by.


Hawking also noted that all his studies, there is something that has defied his attempts at explanation.   I would not disagree with the genius.


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