Crossing the line

My family has had two absolute rules when it comes to gifts to kids in the family:

1.  No fingerpaints until age 8 (one of my aunts gave me finger paints when I was like 5, and they were conveniently lost for many, many years.

2.  No drums.  Ever.


My sister decided that my 2.25 year old nephew needed a drum set.  My brother loves it.  The rest of the family is deciding on the appropriate punishment for my sister.


2 Responses to Crossing the line

  1. Beth says:

    OK, maybe I’m not such a Grinch (see other comment). Get over it, toddlers like loud things. I’m proud to be the aunt/friend who buys the loud toys (and later takes them to loud rock concerts)
    Yay, Aunt Pepper!

    • teganx7 says:

      I never said that I was morally opposed to it … I just feel bad for my mom and perhaps sister-in-law if the drums get banished there.

      Every kid needs an aunt or uncle o corrupt them in some way.

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