Getting the courts involved with a bad play call … why not!?


In professional sports, there are bad calls … there are bad calls that decide teams advancing to the playoffs, and winning championships … please note that on one level, that is just about winning and losing, but on another level, a player loses out on sometimes tens of thousands of dollars of pay and bonuses.

Have you ever heard about professional or college athletes suing because of a bad call … keep in mind … they could argue financial grounds.

Enter New Mexico high school football:  a team misses out on the playoffs because there looks to have been one poor call by a referee, and it cost the team a CHANCE to kick a long field goal (41 yards) to give them enough points to go to the playoffs (note:  they had already won the game … this was about a longshot at getting enough points to advance to the playoffs).


But when there are parents who see their poor kids screwed out of a longshot to make the playoffs as a low seed with little chance of advancing, and they have access to the American legal system, there’s always a way to make things even worse.  Yep, the parents have filed an injunction to stop the entire state’s football playoffs until their kids get a shot to advance.


Fortunately, the judge who got this case realized how utterly contemptible these parents were acting, and through the request for an injunction out.


(NC-17 rating for the last part)

Parents:  please listen:  remember how you were occasionally screwed over as a kid because adults made bad decisions?  It happens.  It has happened.  It will continue to happen.  It has something to do about being human and not being perfect.  Let it be a lesson:  maybe your kids will grow up and be less imperfect.  More importantly, they will learn not to pout and cry like a bunch of entitled pussies.  When you let your kid take off days from school for their birthday, and don’t make them do homework at home, and blame teachers … that’s not a good lesson to send …. when they don’t get their way, and you go running to the legal system … that’s not a good lesson to send.  Embarrassing your kids by acting in such a childish way:  not a good lesson to send.


One Response to Getting the courts involved with a bad play call … why not!?

  1. Beth says:

    Were you really surprised by this? I too, am glad the judge threw it out. Just wow…

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