Growing old sucks!

I have been very blessed in my life with relatively good health … this despite being overweight …. the not smoking and drinking thing probably has something to do with that … and this is more amazing considering I am in a profession that requires a lot of close contact with a lot of people.  This past Saturday, I was getting ready to go back to MC the band’s annual fundraiser when I really started feeling out of sorts.  By the time the performance began, I had a headache, the chills, my back was aching, and my leg hurt bad.  I figured the leg was the least important aspect of this.


I got home about 2.5 hours later, and immediately cranked up the heat and started a bath with water as hot as I could stand it.  As I took off my socks, I began to realize that maybe everything else was not as bad as the leg.  There was a wide blotchy red rash completely encircling my calf, about 2 inches wide.  I ended up spending about 2 hours in the tub trying to kick up my body temp.  I went to bed after that, and slept 10 hours.  That is very unusual for me, and moreso given that I had oddly slept 13 hours the night before.  I’m not sure if I have ever slept 23 hours in a 48 hour stretch.

Sunday morning, the chills and headache were gone … as were the aches on my back …. but the weird  rash was still there, and still quite painful if I stayed in place for a while, or twisted my leg in any manner.

I went to work Monday, and the pain was bad.  I decided that enough was enough, and headed to an immediate care center after work.  The doctor looked at it, and seemed puzzled.  He concluded that it was likely shingles, but seemed to hint it might be an arachnid bite.  I also learned that despite not having a headache, I was running a 102 degree fever.  He started me on antibiotics (he said my leg felt warm, which might indicate an infection) and antiviral meds, in addition to ibuprofen for pain and fever management.

When I woke up this morning, my fever was down to 100, and I was still feeling some pain, but I was overall better.  I decided to stay home to fight this … and just in case things got worse.  I am feeling better this afternoon.

But getting old sucks!


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