Shredding the competition …

I’ve always been lucky to have good friends.  They are good in many ways:

1.  They’ve been supportive.

2.  They all married well (all of their spouses I consider friends, and everyone of them has made me feel welcome)

3.  They’ve been generous of their time, and with their families (I am a biological uncle of two, and by friendship to over a half dozen more).

4.  They are all successful.  They have all demonstrated a high level of success in their chosen walk of life.


Point #4 is what brings me here today.

One of my friends has been working rather tirelessly on a big project for his company … he is a paper shredder specialist.

And while I would never doubt anything that he works on would be top notch and high quality, Consumer Reports, now fully agrees with what I would suspect.  His and his team’s work has been judged the best in the country.

If you aren’t sure who it is, drop me a line.  Congratulations on a job well done!


One Response to Shredding the competition …

  1. RJDS says:

    I tried to look at the link, it couldn’t open for me. Anybody I would know though??

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