Rockin’ Robin (tweet-tweet-tweet)

This evening, I was announcing my high school’s football game (as we can’t play this weekend, being Yom Kippur).  Just before the varsity game, one of the guys who does the radio broadcast (a former student) went through the current sports news … the Tigers-Yankees game was getting underway … Cal and Oregon’s football game was starting … and the White Sox had hired Robin Ventura to manage the team.


I yelled out “WHAT???!!!!”


He pulled off his headphones and quietly repeated the information as his radio partner apologized to the audience for the brash outburst in the press box.

I had been following this with some interest, but figured this wouldn’t be sorted out until after October.  Robin’s name had never come up … he has no real practical coaching or managing experience.

However, the fans do love him.  In the 1990s, it was Robin and Frank leading the way.  Ventura is likely known for:


1.  … hitting an obscene number of grand slam home runs.  He never hit 300 home runs in his career, but he still sits in the top 10 all-time in career grand slams.

2. … being a steady gold glove third baseman.  While Robin was not a terrible hitter, he was a stellar defensive third baseman.  The White Sox fans love their defensive stars!

3.  … oh yeah … he will always be remembered for rushing the mound against Nolan Ryan, and getting pummeled by the 8th wonder of the ancient world.  I remember watching that game live and worrying that Ventura would be remembered for permanently injuring the great pitcher.  I learned that Noaln Ryan, for as old as he was, was a beast of a man.

Normally, I would highly question this decision …

… but I did the same thing when they hired their previous former White Sox infielder to manage.  That turned out OK.  Robin … best of luck!


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