Shameless plug “Gratitude, Giggles & Grace”

I certainly don’t mean to turn my blog into free advertising space, but as the former Chicago Mare Daley used to say: “if you can’t help your relatives, who can you help?”

My cousin, Tracy, has been working on a book for some time, and the blood, sweat, and tears that she has poured into it have finally led to publication.  Her book is titled Gratitude, Giggles & Grace: One Woman’s Humorous Journey of Self-Discovery through the Dating World.

While Tracy and I are only a year apart, we have not been geographically close … though I have had an opportunity to see her a few times, and we have gotten a little closer.  Two visits ago I knew that her manuscript was nearly done, and my last visit this summer saw it just about to go to press.  Today I got my personally signed copy!

I have not read it yet, and hope to do so in the next few weeks (I am in the middle of another book on engineering and logistics disasters that I am hoping to incorporate into my class).

Until then, I can only state how proud I am of my cousin, and do a little unsolicited free publicity.


One Response to Shameless plug “Gratitude, Giggles & Grace”

  1. Beth says:

    Am pretty sure I also saw this title listed on the “Goodreads” website recently. Good for her!

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