Annual Student Poll: What are your talents?

I encourage students to open up on this, and add to the question: “don’t answer “none” — everyone has a talent“.  I find too many times students won’t acknowledge that there are things that they can do well, unless they are forced to confront them.  Again, (mr) means multiple responses.  My school gets a reputation for being very vanilla (which it very well may have been, but certainly is not as such today), but this list reminds me of how diverse in skill the group is.  Artistic and athletic skills have always topped the list, but there were some new responses this year.

*drumming, computer & electronic skills


*I’m flexible for a guy

*I’m good at xbox

*I quickly learn new languages  (I know English, Polish, and take Spanish), and I love to dance!!

*I’m pretty good at painting, drawing, and soccer

*I’ve been playing the piano for nine years.

*I am very stubborn (to the point I put a mule to shame)

*Science comes naturally yo me — and soccer (I’m a goalkeeper)

*Athletic (mr)

*Dance (mr)

*Volleyball, lacrosse, cheerleading, singing

*Football (mr)

*Smiling — I LOVE smiling!

*Football & eating


*artistic, creative — I’m a good swimmer

*Painting, wiggling my ears, and public speaking (if I know what I’m talking about)


*Creative, I have a sarp wit.  I like to golf and play baseball

*Language (mr) (among those in my class:  English, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, French, German, Arabic,

*I can ride my bike with no hands


*Art (mr)

*I like to create short films and build things.

*I am good at lacrosse — I have been offered a college scholarship for it


*I write music and play the drums

*Hacky sack

*I’m good at making people laugh

*playing baseball

*playing softball


*I can sing and play guitar while riding my bike [DAMN!]

*I ride BMX, and last year raced in a few pro competitions

*I’m easy to talk to and “read” people pretty easily


*I play football and sing — I have sung the national anthem for the Bulls, White Sox, and Cubs.

*I can usually make boring things fun

*piano, singing, dancing, art, acting, soccer, trombone, guitar, diving

*horseback riding

*running (mr)

*I’m a people person

*Reading (mr)

*I can cradle a lacrosse stick in one hand


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