Annual Student Poll: Favorite Books and Movies

I ask these two questions because I think it can be very telling about someone.  Historically, a vast majority of films that students respond with are very, very recent (as in, usually came out that summer).  Rarely, a student will name a film that is much older than a year, and except for something like “The Wizard of Oz”, a classic film is rarely offered at all.  Mentioning an older film sometimes shows a willingness to try new things and experiences, since most younger kids tend t be repulsed by older films, and sometimes that they have ahad success taking advice from older people.  Historically (sadly) a vast majority of students cannot name a favorite book, and a vast majority that do name a book, name one that they had to read for class.  Naming a book that is not one they read for class can indicate a greater willingness to read on their own, and that generally means they are at least good at reading.

Here’s the good news:  after years of very close to 50% of my students being unable to list a favorite book, or saying “I don’t read”, or something like that, a vast majority of students listed something.  Books read for class were still a majority, but there were plenty of others.  I also noted that this is likely a record year for science fiction showing up in the field of selections.

(mr) = multiple responses;  you will note there aren’t many of these.



*Give a Boy a Gun (mr)

*The Hunger Games (mr)

*Percy Jackson & the Olympians series

*I love books! It’s like asking me which is my favorite eye, but one of them would be Beastly.

*The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

*Catching Fire

*Mice of Men (I think he meant Of Mice and Men)

*Harry Potter because it is interesting to read, learn new things from it. (sigh)   (mr)

*Acheron (Sherilin Kenyou) Book that made me cry, laugh, and want to just give someone a hug.

*The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

*any history books

*one flew over the cuckoos nest, he is a criminal and everyone thinks hes crazy snd he is a bad influence for the people in the hospital.

*Chasing Brooklyn

*Too many to pick from, I love to read!

*Life As We Knew It

*Ship Breaker

*Before I Fall

*Blue is for Magic (series)

*Twilight (series)  — I bet you were wondering when that one was coming up!

*Pirate Latitudes (Michael Crichton)

*The Great Gatsby, because it was good (SRSLY?)

*Simple as Snow

*One Day

*Catcher in the Rye

*Stolen (though this changes weekly, I read a lot)

*The Great Gatsby, the book was never boring and there was storyline constantly (NOTE:  In my opinion, the book was a long bore, and had a choppy storyline, but maybe it has been reinterpreted recently)

*Rising Star (LeBron James biography)

*The Secret Life of Bees

*Code Orange, its a pandemic book

*Unbillable Hours

*Zeitoun, interesting tale of adversity

*Artichoke’s Heart

*The Giver

*Inherit the Wind

*Making History


*The Hobbit


*Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago

*Slaughter house five

*The Hunt for Red October (we have a winner!)




*”3:10 to Yuma” (2007)

*”The Departed”

*”Pineapple Express”

*”Step Up”, because it is about dancing which is what I love and I just like it in general  (mr)

*”Across the Universe”

*”Saving Private Ryan”

*”The Blind Side”

*”The Lord of the Rings” (series)  (mr) or “Miracle”

*”Step-Brothers”  (mr)

*”Social Network”

*”The Notebook”

*”Ocean’s 11″

*”Finding Nemo”

*”Inception”, not really as complicated as everyone made it sound

*”Lion King”

*”Remember the Titans”

*”The Fast and the Furious”

*”Freedom Writers”

*”The Good, the Bad & the Ugly”

*”Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

*”Tangled”, because its beautiful, its funny, and I’m still a kid

*”The Hangover”

*”Good Will Hunting”

*”Titanic”, because I really like love stories and this one as a good plot [NOTE:  this student thinks an under-engineered ship wrecking at the loss of millions of dollars in ship and cargo, in addition to the horrific death of thousands of people, mostly poor at the expense of the rich qualifies as a “good plot”.  Damn you James Cameron for ruining a generation of film goers!  Stick with what you do best!]

*”21″ because of how they count cards.  [NOTE: the local casino will love this kid!]


*”Pulp Fiction”, I just really think that movie is hilarious.

*”Hoop Dreams”

*”Role Models”


*”Stand By Me”

*any good horror movie

*”Never Say Never” (the Justin Bieber concert movie)

*”Hangover II”, it was the most funniest movie I ever saw [NOTE:  less movies, more English class]

*”Blue Crush” and “Soul Surfer”


*”Silence of the Lambs”

*”Old School”

*”Remember Me”


*”Forrest Gump”

*”127 Hours”

*”Country Strong”

*”The Blues Brothers”

*”She’s the Man”

*”Sixteen Canles”

*”Captain America”

*”Cheaper by the Dozen”, because they have a big family and I have a big family + I do to there are 8 people in my family.

*”A Walk to Remember”

*”Twilight” (yeah, we almost made it)

*”I Love You, Man”




2 Responses to Annual Student Poll: Favorite Books and Movies

  1. Beth says:

    It will be interesting when the “new 80s” films start coming out/are re-released. Up this year: “Footloose!”…

    Also I can’t believe a high school student admitting to seeing, let alone loving the the Bieber film. (Then again, my 8th grade niece still loves him, I think…)

  2. teganx7 says:

    Yes, it will be interesting as bad remakes are made, and the kids say “how could you have watched that garbage?” …


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