Annual Student poll: Who’s Your hero?

As any loyal readers will note, there have not been a lot of posts lately … the start to a school year will do that.  So far, it has been a great year!  Not only have the students been phenomenal (academically and attitudinally), but the district just informed us that we will have a surplus this year!  Score one for the penny pinchers.


I am also behind in my tradition of posting the answers to my annual student poll, and so we will start:  Who is your hero?  As always, misspellings and grammar are preserved (the only time all year I can pass this off on someone who isn’t me).


* Travis Barker (Blink-182); hes an amazing drummer and he survived a plane crash

*My hero is my horseback trainer Dawn Atlas.  She is my hero because she inspres so many people and knows so many things about horses.

*Norman Rockwell.  I love art, I am an artist and Norman Rockwell just took everyday life and painted it dramatically and in each of his pictures there is more than 1 thing going on.  He made back then seem so funny?

*My hero is Bruce Lee.  He’s my hero because I am into martial arts and he is my favorite.

*Marilyn Manson


*My hero is my sailing coach Ted Hale becaue he really got me into sailing and its something that I love to do.

*Jack Nickalaus — Don’t know how to spell it because he was a great golfer.

*Bill Gates because of where hes at and how he got there.

*Josh Hamilton (OF for the Texas Rangers).  He was getting into a lot of trouble in his life and battled back and now plays in the MLB.

*Gandhi because he fought for independence & equality while still being peaceful.

*George Lucas. He is the creator of STAR WARS which is one of my favorite series, and because I am seriously considering being a film-maker.

*Muhammed Ali.  He shows determination and will not stop working until he is a winner.

*I like Michio Kaku a lot, he is an astro-physist, and professor that talks a lot about the physics of the impossible and controversial. [NOTE:  is the space elevator “impossible” or “controversial” … I put that to the Seattle-based readership].  On a side note, my original thought was “Oh, c’mon!” … the last two weeks have shown me this young man walks-the-walk.

*Ray Lewis because the way he plays and acts inspires me to do my best in everything I do.

*Michael Jordan because of how hard he worked and of all he accomplished.

You will note that for my 102 students, this is a short list.  More than ever before, but similar to every year I have asked this question, the overwhelmingly most given answer was mom and/or dad, followed by grandparents, siblings, or aunts/uncles.  This was also an all-time record year for students not responding or saying “no one”.  A few highlights from these entries:

*My dad, because he works everyday Monday-Sunday from 5:30-7:00.  He is very determined + hard-working, which is what I admire.

*My grandma Raised 3 kids by herself, worked 3 jobs.  but now is living her dreams.

*My nana, she has MS and had breast cancer.  She lives life as much as she can even though she is in a wheelchair.

*My parents because they have sacrificed a lot to make my brother’s and mie lives better.

*My mom b/c she raised my well and her and my father didn’t go to college but still gave me an amazing town and school to go to.

*My dad really has effected my morals as a human being.  The way I look at things is really the way he had molded me.

*My mom she works day and night for us and she’s very hard working and kind to others.

*My dad because he is the man I want to be.

*My brother because he always tells me to keep trying.

*My dad Because he raised me on his own and I know I could go to him for anything.

*My grandfather and my grandmother they taught me never to give up an try new things.  My grandfather did many things like building things playing instruments and working everyday.*My older sister because she is smart + goes to college.  I am not that smart but I hope to go to college and graduate like her.

*my daddy 🙂  he saved a child from sinking in the ocean.

*My grandpa because he was in the war and he tells me all these great stories and he drives me around.


If the adults of the world don’t manage to really make a complete cluster-trainwreck of things, there is a chance that things can be turned around.


One Response to Annual Student poll: Who’s Your hero?

  1. Beth says:

    Nice cautious optimism at the end…

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