Texas and Punishment



A study out that followed seventh graders in Texas through their senior years has learned that 60% of Texas students have been suspended (in or out of school) or expelled outright before graduation, with 15% of these students disciplined 11 or more times over the course of the six year study, with a noted correlation between the number of times a student is disciplined, and the likelihood they would eventually drop out of school.

I think there are two ways to interpret this:

1.  What the %@(& is going on in Texas that 60% of the students are getting hit with this level of punishment.  This to me says that there is either something seriously wrong with Texas society that so many students are that bad, or there is something wrong with the adults dishing this punishment out …. that is they are using the nuclear warhead to kill the fly.

2.  Why aren’t more states following Texas’ lead.  Perhaps part of the problem is that too many states aren’t on top of discipline enough?  Perhaps this is a model?


My thinking is it is more #1 than #2 …. and as for #1, it may be some combination of a screwed up youth society and a screwed up adult society.  This is the same society that executes a lot of people …. which tells me that it isn’t deterring people from doing bad things in Texas.  I wonder how much of this is leaking in to the education system, and I suspect it might be a lot.

Though, in keeping with the rest of American society, it is all the teachers’ fault …


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