As Canadian as Molson … rioting!

An American news crew from Seattle had to go on the run to avoid being attacked by a rioting mob that was setting cars on fire.

Syria?  Bahrain?  Vancouver!

Did the Canadian government stop giving out money?  Was someone with a sliver turned away at a hospital?

No, their dirty hockey team managed to get embarrassed in a Game 7 to lose the Stanley Cup to a team representing the heart of American independence, Boston.

When the Bears lost the Super Bowl, was there rioting … NO (yeah, yeah, it was too cold).

When the Cubs get eliminated from the World Series, do the blue bloods riot?  NO … though truthfully many of them are too drunk to realize that the Cubs have in fact been eliminated.

But a team that has no history of winning the Stanley Cup finally runs out of dirty tricks, and the town considered sportsmanlike enough to host an Olympics is now rampaging through the streets as if their emir just stripped the right to vote.

And the Canadians think we are out of line!  At least when we fight for bad reasons its because someone knocked over our buildings and killed thousands of people, not because Roberto Luongo let four in the net!

The hosers gotta start getting it together!


5 Responses to As Canadian as Molson … rioting!

  1. Beth says:

    The Boston Bruins talked and physically gave just as much shit during that series and the season in general. (Ok, aside from the concussion hit, but seriously, an inch or two in either direction on some of Boston’s hits could’ve caused the same damage) I’m willing to be there would have been rioting in Boston had they lost, too. I’m not condoning it, I’m just saying…

  2. RJDS says:

    First off, the final Boston goal was an empty-netter…can’t really blame Luongo for that one.

    Boston may not be a town of rioters, but hard not to remember this happening:

  3. teganx7 says:

    OK, I will credit him with three … but that’s still the baseball equivalent of giving up like 7-8 runs …

    That Boston thing was really not a riot and they certainly weren’t protesting the outcome.

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