Sustained popularity?

My little blog (and it remains very little) has seen an odd trend the last few months.

When I started this in November or December of 2007 (I can’t even remember when), a good month saw maybe 50 hits.  That changed in January 2009 when I spiked at 489 hits that month … one of my stories about Cubs fans was autolinked at Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban’s site, and the traffick rolled in.  But things went back to normall.  Through November 2010, I only had two months with over 200 visits (June ’09, November ’09).  November of 2010 saw only 93 hits.

Since then, the trend in hits has been up … 236 in December 2010, 153 to start 2011, then 238, 400, 483, and May saw a run at the end that got me to 402 last night.

I have been looking at which posts draw the most traffic … many of the posts on teaching have been viewed the most … but many other posts have quite a few number of views as well. 

My blog is still a humble little blog … 400 hits is nothing compared to even the moderately small dogs.  I just took notice that there seem to now be a number of months that are seeing sustained viewership.

Maybe it is time to look into selling ad space?




2 Responses to Sustained popularity?

  1. RJDS says:

    Do email updates to your blog count?

    Do NOT ever sell AD space, unless they are making you an offer you cannot refuse. And it’s gotta be a really nice offer. I never sold AD space for my newzletter though I’m sure I plugged things here and there but never sold out. Keep the integrity going, I say…

  2. teganx7 says:

    I do not know if email updates to my blog count as hits …

    I wouldn’t sell adspace unless it was like for the Chicago White Sox, and it was for something like a lot of money or free tickets.

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