Washington referees punished for pink

WARNINGthis post contains some harsh language.  Children under 21 should not read further unless they are given express permission from their parents/guardians.  Viewer discretion is highly advised.


As a follow-up to an earlier story that I wrote about, it took the Washington Athletic Officials Association a whopping seven months to decide on a punishment for over 100 officials who chose to rebelliously mock football tradition by using pink whistles in support of breast cancer awareness.  These referees also volunteered to donate their game checks to the Susan G. Korman Breast Cancer foundation.

The punishment:  the offending officials are going to lose two years of privileges to work playoff games.  The referees’ association they are part of is also on three years probation, which means one more slip up and the association is decertified in Washington to officiate games.  What raises this to an even higher level of idiocy, is that originally the commissioner stated that he would not fine the officials.  I’ll give him credit, he didn’t lie.  He just became a weasel the size of a 10 foot pole cat!

Let that stand as a lesson against decency!  The next time anyone tries to cross the Grand Exhaulted Commissioner of Washington Officials, they will know that punishment awaits any transgression.

Seriously … this doesn’t even arise to the level of “douchebaggery” … if this crap went down in Illinois, I would like to think there would be such outrage from the schools and coaches that this would get overturned … though I am normally opposed to this, you could bet some politician would get involved and bring pressure on the Commissioner/asshole … not to mention that the “Commissioner” would find himself ass-kicked to Wisconsin.  On top of this, you have to figure that in Washington, the assignments for officials to playoff games is based on some sort of merit system.  This being the case, expect somewhere some team to lose a game because of poor officiating.


2 Responses to Washington referees punished for pink

  1. Beth says:

    Bonus points for use of the word “douchebaggery”.

    I hope this generates enough bad press for this commissioner to lose his job.

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