Bart Simpson, Scientology, and Illinois Character Education

The link is important … I couldn’t make this up.

Yes, character is an issue … and it is important for schools to play some role in this.

The Illinois legislature is considering a bill that would require Illinois schools to adopt the “Good Choices” program for character education.

Sounds good.

The “Good Choices” program was created by a non-profit organization headed by Nancy Cartwright, better known as the actress who voices Bart Simpson on The Simpsons.  No kiddin’  she is even going to Springfield, (Illinios) to lobby on its behalf.

At issue:  Cartwright has publicly admitted that the program is based on The Way to Happiness, written by L. Ron Hubbard.  In case you aren’t aware, Cartwright is a Scientologist.

I don’t know enough about Scientology to critique it too much.  However, if a Catholic priest lobbied the legislature to use a biblically inspired program, or a rabbi did the same based on the Torah, or >>insert any figure associated with any religion<< associated with >>insert religion here<<<, that should be an automatic red flag that it needs to really not be introduced in public education.

Wait … we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.

In a rare move, it is the Illinois Republicans standing up against this, and a Democrat, Dan Burke of Chicago, who has sponsored the bill.  He has admitted that he knows little about the religion that this might be tied to, but that didn’t stop him from immediately sponsoring the bill and getting the process going.

So, why do you ask, would one of our elected officials sign off on a bill that he pretty much admits that he knows nothing about.  Unlike most of the business suited morons among our elected officials, he was upfront in admitting it.

Initial reservations set aside, Burke said he became enthusiastic about backing the resolution because it would be “fun to have Bart Simpson’s voice down there.”

Its such a damn good thing our state isn’t in a financial crisis … especially our schools, because otherwise I would be more worried than I am.
Politicians, PLEASE stay out of education.  PLEASE!!!?


It appears this rabbit hole gets even stranger and stranger … when Illinois Republicans and noted atheist activist Rob Sherman are standing shoulder to shoulder.

ONLY in Illinois politics!  For the record … it looks like Miss Cartwright’s curriculum will not be used in Illinois schools.


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