The homeless winning trips in Atlantic City

Atlantic City has been losing revenue for the last 4-5 years.  There are a lot of reasons for that.  For one, it is (like Las Vegas) without the glitz.  For two it is like Las Vegas, (without the glitz).  There’s the bad economy … there’s also more gambling options (I would rather go gamble in the myriad of casinos in Montana and get the beautiful view rather than visit …. eh … New Jersey).

Nonetheless … there are homeless in Atlantic City (don’t drop dead of a heart attack), and this is likely causing at least some of the problems.  I mean, when you go to a resort hotel on the Jersey shore, and get sealed in to avoid actually seeing New Jersey, the homelessness in the area clearly keeps people away.  Rather than increase funding to shelters and soup kitchens, a new solution is in the works:  pay for a bus ticket to wherever they want.

On the one hand, that’s far from the worst thing … maybe they could go somewhere warmer, and nicer (not that New Jersey has a reputation for not being friendly to visitors … maybe yet another reason the casino industry has been taking a hit?).  In some cases, these homeless people might no someone somewhere who can help them, but can’t get there.

On the other hand, for some of those folks, the Boardwalk might be there home.  To make sure that the homeless get the message that they are being given an opportunity to find greener pastures, the homeless have already been told that the police will soon be getting more aggressive on vagrancy.

New Jersey:  where we do the best we can to shuffle our problems on to someone else’s shoulders.

Ought to put that on the welcome signs on the ‘Pike.


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