Want to make a living? Come to Illinois!!?



I have to admit, this surprised me too.  If you are interested in making a living … that is not only to have a job, but to have some money left over to invest, save, or live it up on, the state that gives you the best opportunity to do this, according to MoneyRates, is none other than Illinois.

OK … that is a lot shocking!  For one, our income tax rate just skyrocketed by over 60% …. but it is still lower than some other states (notably Wisconsin).  While sales taxes are high, in Chicago and Cook County, the average salary is also pretty high.

Amazingly, Illinois edges out Washington and Texas, both states which lack a state income tax.

I have no idea how accurate this survey is in terms of representing reality.  I am more than a bit skeptical.



One Response to Want to make a living? Come to Illinois!!?

  1. Alan P says:

    It’s true. Come live in another state. You can feel the difference.

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