I am Hand!

Today is the last day of school before Spring Break.  I had scheduled a test for today, but because over 40% of my class was gone, called out by parents, I had to reschedule the test for after break.  It has been a rougher than usual year here, and this week has been the roughest.

Today I am walking out of the office after eating lunch when I see a kid come up the stairs carrying a pizza.  This is odd … I follow him.  He goes to the back door of a classroom, a door that is usually locked, but is propped open by a pair of scissors.  He gently cracks the door open and puts the pizza inside the door.  He closes the door and goes back into the classroom through the front door.

This is indeed curious.

I go in the front door.  The teacher in question (our AP Enviro teacher) was attending an AP conference, and was gone.  The sub was showing a movie.  I called the sub over (who was seated in the front, watching the movie intently), and asked about the student who had just returned.  She said he had gone to the bathroom.  I informed her he had gone to the bathroom and returned with a pizza.  She turned around and sure enough, junior was munching on a slice of pizza.  I beckoned junior over and asked what the deal was.  All he would say is: “I got some pizza.”

The pizza was confescated, and junior was written up to the deans.  I suspect, knowing that he had a sub today, that he had called in the pizza, waited until the guy arrived, and went to the bathroom to meet the driver.  Yet another bad thing about the damn cell phones in school!

The thought crossed my mind for one second to actually pass out the remaining pizza to the class, but I suspected that the kid would like the opportunity to be the class hero.


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