The 12th Man and Seismology

I have heard stories that some fans at various sporting arenas are capable of making the stadium sway … I sawa  few Jordan-era Bulls games at the olde Chicago Stadium, and swore that the place was about to crumble from the pounding and hollering after a signature Jordan air and dunk run.

In Seattle … home to to the hapless Seahawks who somehow managed to get another win in … apparently the fans (aka “The 12th Man”) really did make the Earth move in a measurable way.

During a particularly memorable and dramatic touchdown run for the Seahawks, the seismometer located at the nearby ruins of the Kingdome recorded localized, yet measurable seimic activity.  It was not measured at other locations, confirming that it was a very local event.

The Seahawks next travel to Chicago … less likelihood of anything seimic there to support them.


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