Dad Update

Update:  Rather than come in through the cold and long drive, if you would like to sign a virtual condolence book, you can follow the link:


I likely won’t be updating for a while since I will be busy the next few days …

Dad’s wake is set for Thursday at Sheehy Funeral Home, 9000 151st. Street in Orland.

1.  I would feel very bad if people came far out of their way to this.  Please do not travel far.

2.  Please, no flowers … we’ve got those handled.  The place will look like March 17 on the eve of the start of winter.

3.  Repeating:  please do not go out of the way … I hope to have a chance to visit with the locals over the next two weeks when it is convenient for you and I.  For the non-locals, I hope to at least exchange a phone call or e-mail (or two).

On my behalf, and on behalf of the family, thank you, kind and generous friends, for your concern and support.  I have been and will continue to pass your messages on to the rest of the family.


One Response to Dad Update

  1. Beth says:

    So, is funeral Friday then, or is that service being kept more private (family only)? I’ll see you tomorrow.

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