Please note, they didn’t attack Chicago!,bush-sears-tower-was-genuine-target-111110.article

[suggested by a loyal reader and great friend!]

I don’t know what would be more difficult to believe … terrorists attacking Chicago (because the U.S. Army would be the least of their concerns) or Mayor Richard M. Daley sitting down with former President George W. Bush.

Will the latter actually happened as the former pres stopped in Chicago to sell his feel good book with celerity gossip like how bad he felt after Half Buck or one of those other worldly rap artists insulted him.

The president was speaking at the Union League of Chicago (kind of a country club for people interested in citizenship).  After three minutes of talking, the press was asked to leave, but at least one was able to stay in with a tape recorder, and recorded the former president noting that intelligence showed that the Sears  Tower (that’s the Willis Tower for the 2-3 of you who actually call it that name)was a “genuine target” on 9-11.

First off, the local Chicago press has on numerous occasions asked U.S. intelligence officials if the Sears Tower was a target.  They have continually been told “no”.

Second, what does “genuine target” mean?  Does that mean that there was intelligence gathered that showed a list of the 500 tallest building in the U.S, which had the Sears Tower on the list?  Was intelligence gathered that showed the Sears Tower on the short list?  Or, did someone in the US Intelligence community once say the word “Sears Tower” across the room from someone who asked “Gee, I wonder what other buildings might have been attacked?”  I mean, the U.S. Intelligence community isn’t known for being upfront with secret information, but then again, President Bush is trying to hook people into buying a book, and he was certain that, despite what his generals and intel people said, that there were WMD in the desert of Iraq.

I can’t believe that the Sears Tower was a legit target.  An attack on the Sears Tower would have resulted on many local street gangs and mafia wiseguys going into Afghanistan and doing serious damage to Al-Queda and the Taliban.  I mean, you might mess with the New York mob, but the Chicago Outfit?  The El-Rukins?  The New Chicago Vice Lords?  You mess with those guys at risk to your own life.


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